A Message To All Antelope Park Volunteers Present and Past.


Have you had the Champions For Children stay CONNECTED Programme explained?

Have you made your decision? If you have, welcome on board. If not please read on.


Q. Why are you asking me?

A. Whether you are a lion or community volunteer you will have had direct contact

speaking and playing with the children. Your heart would have been touched. You want

them to have a better life. You know who you will be helping.


Q. I’m just a student. Can I afford it?

A. Our minimum donation is $5. The price of a coffee (see example below) less than

a pizza and certainly less than a pint of beer !! It is an option for you to speak to family

and friends and thereby increase the donation.


Q.  Antelope park ensure every penny excluding bank fees) is paid the orphanage.

A.  How do I know all my money goes direct to the orphanage?


Q. Have I not given enough while I am here?

A. Yes and if volunteers stay CONNECTED enough volunteers giving a little will

ensure that your input here means our orphanage will not need our help post

July 2016. It’s about fishing rods and not fish!


Q.  How can I be sure of that?

A. We started only one year ago and our funding has grown from $7 in May 2014 to

more than $28000 in May 2015


Q. What does my money buy

A. You can decide what you want to fund. If you are happy to leave it up to the orphanage

they will prioritise.


Q. Why should I signup now and not wait until I get home to decide?

A.  Nine out of ten volunteers who do that never get around to it.


Finally we hope you make the right decision for the children. Join us and stay CONNECTED!!